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Police officer killed in crash due to alleged drunk driver

In Louisiana, an auto accident can occur at any time and affect anyone. There are a number of different reasons why these accidents might occur including a reckless driver or encountering a drunk driver among many others. As with any car accident, no one is immune. It can lead to injuries and fatalities even with those whose job responsibilities include investigating and helping others who have been in a crash. That includes law enforcement officers.

Such was the case when a police officer was injured and later died after an alleged drunk driver crashed into her cruiser. She was in the vehicle as a fellow officer investigated a separate accident on the interstate. Signal flares surrounded the accident area when the cruiser was hit. The officer suffered traumatic brain injuries and was non-responsive for days before she died. The alleged drunk driver, a 33-year-old man, was arrested on several charges related to the crash right after it happened. He was charged with vehicular homicide after the officer's death. The late officer was an 11-year veteran and had a 5-year-old daughter.

The time of year most dangerous for a car crash with teens

While drivers in Louisiana are fully aware of the dangers that can arise from a distracted driver, there are other issues that are being researched when it comes to a car crash that results from this behavior such as the increasing number of ways in which drivers can be distracted. On another subject, teen drivers are also a frequent concern on the roadways because of their inexperience and lack of judgment that accompanies that inexperience. If the two are combined, the roadways and the inherent hazards can be significantly worse.

Recent research by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety shows that there is a certain time of year when people on the road are in the most jeopardy due to teen drivers. AAA calls the time from Memorial Day to Labor Day - the traditional summer months - the "100 Deadliest Days." The reason for this is that there are more teens on the road than during the rest of the year. With that, the number of fatalities from car accidents with a teen involved rises to an average of ten each day. This is an increase of 16 percent from the other months of the year.

Louisiana law enforcement officer injured in motorcycle accident

A negligent driver can change a motorcyclist's life in an instant. For anyone riding a motorcycle in Louisiana, motorcycle unawareness is a constant concern. Because motorcycle riders are so vulnerable, when a collision occurs there is a significant chance the rider will suffer injuries or even death. Motorcycle accidents do not discriminate and can happen to any rider.

Recently a Baton Rouge law enforcement officer on a motorcycle was injured when his bike was hit by a car. According to police the accident happened at approximately 4 p.m. as the officer was overseeing traffic for a local event. He was heading west and had his lights and sirens working when a vehicle turned left into the eastbound lane and crashed into him. The officer was taken to the hospital with injuries that were classified as moderate to severe. They are not thought to be life-threatening.

Texting and driving and cellphone use a common cause of accidents

When Louisiana drivers are out on the road, the number of fellow drivers using their smartphones while driving is a concern. Unfortunately, it is a function of today's society that technology has advanced to the point where everyone is constantly dialed in. The temptation for many is too much for them to simply put the phone down and stop using it. While research and attempts on the part of law enforcement to tamp down on this activity are ongoing, it still happens and is a frequent cause of a car crash.

It is difficult to determine exactly how many accidents are a result of texting and driving, surfing the web or simply talking on a cellphone. Data from across the nation regarding fatal accidents in the U.S. in 2014 asserted that distracted driving was considered to be a factor that contributed in 3,000 of the more than 44,500 accidents that led to a fatality. Nearly 400 of them were distracted because of using a cellphone. It is believed that these distracted behaviors are actually underreported because the reports by law enforcement are relatively random and unreliable since drivers are not going to say that they were distracted when the accident occurred and it can be hard to find evidence of it in a crash reconstruction.

Multitasking a big factor in risk of a car accident

A survey by Kelley Blue Book found that 61 percent of drivers who took part confessed to doing several things at once while operating the vehicle. While the drivers acknowledged that they understand the dangers of distracted driving, they continue to do it.

In the study, 47 percent of those who replied stated that they used their phones while driving in residential areas; 40 percent said they did so while on the highway; 86 percent said they used their phones when stopped at a red signal or stuck in traffic. The most frequent ways in which drivers are distracted is through cellphone use (78 percent) and by using navigation devices (71 percent). Texting was third at 67 percent. Next was using music applications (47 percent) and interacting on social media at (31 percent).

Motorcyclist killed in crash after car runs red light

Motorcyclists are a frequent sight on the roads in Louisiana. While the majority of drivers will watch them closely and share the roads with them in a safe manner, accidents will still happen. In some instances, these accidents are due to unforeseen circumstances. In others, they result from a driver failing to follow the law and crashing into the motorcyclist. Given the vulnerability of motorcycle riders, there is a significant chance that an accident victim can be severely hurt or killed.

Recently in Louisiana, a man on a motorcycle died in a five-vehicle accident. According to police, the series of crashes started when a 72-year-old woman ran through a red light in her 2014 Infiniti QX80 and hit the 53-year-old rider. It is not known why the woman did not stop at the red signal, but it is not believed that intoxicating substances or speed were factors in the accident. The motorcycle accident victim was thrown from his 2016 Harley Davidson.

Sleep disorder in drivers raises danger of a truck accident

With large trucks such a prominent sight on the roadways of Louisiana, there is a constant risk of being in an accident with one. It is with this in mind that regulatory agencies are seeking to find ways to increase safety. Part of that is conducting studies as to why certain accidents happen. This information can also provide the foundation for a legal filing for compensation to those who were hurt or the loved ones of those killed.

Information regarding sleep apnea in truckers is indicative of the increased danger of being in a truck accident. According to research, truck drivers who have untreated sleep apnea are at five times greater risk than those who do not have it. The study attempts to analyze obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). With sleep apnea, the person might enter a light sleep from a deep sleep because of pauses or shallowness of breath.

New research highlights the dangers of distracted drivers

For several years now, drivers have been hearing about the dangers of using smart phones or other electronic devices while driving. The danger is now common knowledge, although far too many drivers continue to send and receive text messages, or engage in other distractions, while they should have their eyes on the road ahead of them.

Recent research shows that drivers who are distracted are more dangerous than many people may believe. A study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences says that drivers who are distracted are twice as likely as undistracted drivers to be in an auto accident.

Do not dismiss a whiplash injury after a car accident

Louisiana car accident victims know that even minor accident injuries can cause lingering problems and pain. No injury, even one that is typically defined as a common or minor injury, should be dismissed when a victim is suffering due to the negligent or reckless actions of another driver. Whiplash is a relatively common car accident injury, but it can have a tremendous negative impact on a victim's life.

Caused by the motion of the head and neck during a collision, whiplash can result in a wide variety of symptoms. Victims may suffer from tingling, localized pain, limited range of motion, shooting pain and headaches. Emotional and mental side effects are also possible, including difficulty sleeping or concentrating, memory problems, depression and irritability. 

Death count rises from deadly air bags, so do recall numbers

If just the mention of Takata air bags doesn't send shivers up your spine you might want to check your pulse to see if you're still with us. For anyone in Louisiana who may be unaware, Takata Corp. is a Japanese company that has been a major supplier of motor vehicle safety belts and air bags for decades. Since 2004, some bags have been known to be defective.

Investigations indicate that the chemical used in the inflator system sometimes degrades to a point where, if a bag deploys, it could do so with such force that it literally sprays individuals in the passenger compartment with potentially deadly shrapnel. To date, federal regulators have linked at least 10 deaths and more than 100 injuries to this defective product. Nine of those deaths happened in the United States.

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